Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it? A Detailed Review

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it?

That is a question that many WordPress users ask themselves when they want to improve their site’s performance in search engines.

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin that helps you optimize your content and keywords for SEO.

But what are the benefits of upgrading to the premium version? And is it worth the price?

In this article, I will compare Yoast SEO Free and Yoast SEO Premium and give you my honest opinion on whether you should buy it or not.

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it
Compare the features and benefits of Yoast SEO Free and Yoast SEO Premium and decide which one is best for your website’s SEO performance (PHOTO: Freepik)

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it?

Yoast SEO Premium is a WordPress plugin that optimizes your website for search engines, helping you achieve better rankings on Google and other search engines, and increasing traffic from these sources.

It offers additional features compared to the free version.

Smart suggestions for links

Yoast SEO Premium helps build relevant links to improve site structure and user experience by analyzing existing content and suggesting relevant pages or posts to link to.

Targeting multiple keywords with each post

Yoast SEO Premium allows optimizing content for multiple focus keywords, synonyms, and related keyphrases, increasing the chances of ranking for different search queries in a single piece of content.

Social media previews

Yoast SEO Premium lets you preview how posts will appear on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also customize the title, description, and image when sharing content on social media.

1-year support

Yoast SEO Premium includes 1-year access to the Yoast support team for assistance with any plugin-related questions or issues.

It also provides access to an extensive knowledge base and tutorials on the Yoast website.

Easily redirect old URLs to new ones

Yoast SEO Premium features a redirect manager to create and manage redirects, preventing 404 errors or broken links when deleting or moving pages or posts.

It also allows for importing redirects from other plugins or tools.

The difference between Yoast SEO and Yoast Premium lies in the premium version’s enhanced features and tools for optimizing your website for SEO.

While the free version offers basic features to improve content and keywords for SEO, it has limitations.

For instance, the free version only optimizes for one focus keyword per post, lacks social media previews, a redirect manager, and support.

The premium version, on the other hand, provides access to all these features and more, significantly improving your website’s SEO performance.

How many websites can I use for Yoast Premium?

You can use Yoast Premium for an unlimited number of websites.

However, you need to purchase a subscription for each website that you want to use it on.

The subscription price depends on how many websites you need it for.

For example, if you need it for one website, it costs $89 per year (excluding VAT).

If you need it for two websites, it costs $169 per year (excluding VAT), which gives you a 5% discount.

If you need it for more websites, you can get bigger discounts depending on how many sites you have.

What is the difference between Yoast plugin subscription and premium?

The difference between Yoast plugin subscription and premium is that the plugin subscription includes all of the Yoast plugins (Yoast SEO Premium, News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO, and WooCommerce SEO), whereas the premium version only includes the Yoast SEO Premium plugin.

The plugin subscription is ideal for users who want to optimize their website for different types of content and platforms, such as news articles, videos, local businesses, or online stores.

The plugin subscription costs $159 per year (excluding VAT) for one website and offers discounts for more websites.

Aspect Plugin Subscription Premium Version
Included Yoast Plugins Yoast SEO Premium, News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO, WooCommerce SEO Yoast SEO Premium
Suitable for Users wanting to optimize for various content types and platforms Users focused on optimizing their SEO with Yoast Premium
Cost $159 per year (excluding VAT) for one website with discounts for multiple sites Premium version with Yoast SEO Premium only


Yoast SEO Premium enhances website SEO with advanced features like optimizing for multiple keywords, social media integration, redirects, and 1-year support.

It comes at a cost, so consider your budget and needs.

If serious about SEO improvement and full tool access, buying it is recommended.

However, if satisfied with the free version, it can still deliver good results.

The choice is yours.

I hope this article has helped you make an informed decision.

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