How to Promote KDP Low Content Books: A Guide for 2023

If you are looking for a way to make money online with minimal effort and investment, you might have heard of KDP low-content books.

These are books that have little or no text inside, such as journals, planners, notebooks, coloring books, and so on.

You can create and publish these books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, and earn royalties every time someone buys or borrows your book.

But how do you promote your KDP low-content books and get them noticed by potential customers? How do you stand out from the millions of other books on Amazon? How do you make a consistent income from your low-content books?

In this article, I will share with you some of the best strategies and tips to promote your KDP low-content books in 2023 and beyond.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced publisher, you will find something useful in this guide.

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How do I get my KDP noticed on Amazon?

The first step to promoting your KDP low-content books is to make sure they are visible and attractive on Amazon.

This means you need to optimize your book title, description, keywords, categories, cover, and price.

Here are some tips to help you with each of these elements.


Create a clear, captivating title that resonates with your target audience.

Incorporate the main keyword and a reader benefit or promise.

For instance, if you’re selling a gratitude journal, consider a title like “The 30-Day Gratitude Journal: Fostering Happiness and Abundance in Your Life.”


Craft a compelling, informative description that engages readers.

Highlight book features, benefits, and address audience desires.

Include a persuasive call to action.

Employ bullet points, bold text, and emojis to enhance readability and allure.


Identify optimal keywords customers use to search on Amazon.

Tools like “Publisher Rocket” or “Book Bolt” can aid in discovering suitable keywords for your genre.

Enter up to seven keywords in your KDP dashboard, ensuring relevance to your audience’s intent.


Select up to two categories for your book on your KDP dashboard.

Reach out to KDP support for up to eight additional categories.

Strategically choosing categories improve search result rankings and widens your readership base.


Your book cover significantly influences purchase decisions.

Design an eye-catching, genre-relevant, and professional cover that conveys your book’s theme at a glance.

Utilize tools like “Canva” or “Creative Fabrica,” or engage designers from platforms like “Fiverr” or “Upwork.”


Determine a competitive, equitable, and profitable price.

Research prices of similar books in your niche and gauge audience preferences.

Experiment with pricing to find the right balance between attracting buyers and generating revenue.

By following these recommendations, you can enhance the visibility and appeal of your KDP low-content books on Amazon, effectively reaching your target audience and boosting your promotional efforts.

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Can you make money selling low-content books on KDP?

The answer is yes, you can make money selling low-content books on KDP.

However, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme that requires no work or skill.

It is a legitimate business model that requires research, creativity, marketing, and persistence.

The amount of money you can make from selling low-content books on KDP depends on several factors, such as:

  • The quality and quantity of your books
  • The demand and competition in your niche and genre
  • The effectiveness of your promotion strategies
  • The price and royalty rate of your books
  • The seasonality and trends in the market

According to some successful low-content book publishers, you can expect to make anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per month from selling low content books on KDP.

However, this is not a guarantee or an average income.

Your results may vary depending on your own efforts and circumstances.

How much money can you make with KDP low-content books?

To give you a rough idea of how much money you can make with KDP low-content books, let’s do some simple math.

Let’s say you have 100 low-content books published on KDP, and each book sells for $6.99.

Let’s also assume that you have a 60% royalty rate, which means you earn $4.19 per sale.

If each of your books sells one copy per day, you will make $419 per day or $12,570 per month.

And if each of your books sells two copies per day, you will make $838 per day or $25,140 per month.

If each of your books sells three copies per day, you will make $1,257 per day or $37,710 per month.

Of course, these are hypothetical numbers and not realistic expectations.

Not all of your books will sell equally well, and some may not sell at all.

You will also have to factor in the costs of creating and promoting your books, such as design, advertising, tools, etc.

The point is that there is potential to make money with KDP low-content books, but it is not easy or guaranteed.

You will have to work hard, be consistent, and provide value to your customers.

How can I increase my KDP sales?

One of the most common questions that low-content book publishers ask is how to increase their KDP sales.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different strategies may work better for different niches, genres, and audiences.

However, here are some general tips that can help you increase your KDP sales.

Expand Your Catalog

The quantity of books you list on Amazon directly influences your outreach.

Crafting series or bundles linked to your books aids cross-promotion and upselling opportunities.

Optimize Book Elements

To escalate your Amazon ranking and draw more buyers, refine book attributes like title, description, keywords, categories, cover, and pricing.

Tools like Publisher Rocket and Book Bolt aid market analysis and optimization.

Book Promotion

Beyond optimization, proactive promotion is vital.

Different methods to promote your books include:

  • Email Marketing: Develop an email list of niche-interested subscribers, delivering regular updates and offers via platforms like Mailchimp or ConvertKit.
  • Social Media Marketing: Establish a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., sharing valuable content and engaging with potential customers in related groups and communities.
  • Amazon Advertising: Leverage Amazon’s ad platform for sponsored product or brand ads that show in search results or on product pages, enlarging your reach to searchers.
  • Book Promotion Sites: Platforms like BookBub, Freebooksy, and Bargain Booksy offer paid advertising to their substantial reader audiences, potentially elevating your sales and reviews.
  • Limited-Time Promotions: Utilize KDP Select for timed free or discounted promotions, fostering downloads, reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals. Use this strategy judiciously to avoid long-term ranking and revenue impacts.

By applying these approaches, you can enhance your KDP sales without repeating information.

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How to promote Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is a great platform to publish and sell low-content books online, but it is not enough to just upload your book and wait for sales to come in.

You need to promote your book actively and strategically to reach more customers and increase your revenue.

Here are some ways to promote your Amazon KDP book.

Craft a Compelling Landing Page or Website

Create an enticing landing page or website dedicated to your book.

Platforms like BookFunnel or BookBrush can help you design professional pages that showcase your book, capture email addresses, and funnel traffic to your Amazon page.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Utilize various social media platforms to spread the word about your book.

Engage with your target audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or TikTok.

Share your book cover, excerpts, testimonials, tips, and behind-the-scenes content to generate curiosity and interaction.

Write Engaging Blog Posts or Articles

Publish informative content related to your book or niche on platforms such as Medium, Quora, Reddit, or LinkedIn.

Link back to your book to drive traffic.

Guest posting on blogs that align with your audience can also expand your reach.

Create Captivating Podcasts or Videos

Launch a podcast or video series on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Showcase your book or delve into your niche.

Conduct interviews, share insights, and address audience queries.

Encourage reviews, comments, and questions from listeners and viewers.

Engage in Online Events and Webinars

Participate in webinars or online events linked to your book’s theme or niche.

Utilize platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Facebook Live to connect with your audience.

Offer expert advice, book insights, or exclusive discounts to attendees, fostering post-event sales.

Remember, the key to effective promotion is maintaining a consistent and strategic approach across all these avenues.

By diversifying your efforts, you can maximize your book’s visibility and engage with a broader audience, ultimately boosting your Amazon KDP book’s sales and success.

Best-selling low-content books on Amazon 2023?

In 2023, Amazon’s best-selling low-content books offer a diverse range of puzzles, activities, and challenges to cater to various ages and interests.

These enjoyable and brain-stimulating options provide relaxation, skill enhancement, and engagement for readers.

Here are the top 7 best-selling medium content books on Amazon this year.

Variety Puzzle Books

These feature a mix of puzzles like word searches, crosswords, sudoku, and more, designed for adults and teens who enjoy testing their knowledge.

A standout example is “The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults,” boasting 200+ puzzles and a strong Amazon rank.

Coloring Books

Perfect for art enthusiasts seeking stress relief, these books offer intricate designs for coloring with markers, pencils, or crayons.

“Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation” leads the pack with 1,000+ ratings and positive customer feedback.


Geared towards learning and improvement, workbooks provide exercises across subjects like math, language, writing, and logic.

“The Critical Thinking Workbook: Games and Activities for Developing Critical Thinking Skills” stands out with 300+ ratings and a solid Amazon rank.

Activity Books

These books entertain with games like mazes, dot-to-dot, trivia, and more, suitable for kids and families.

“[The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes!]” is a notable example, acclaimed by 10,000+ ratings and positive feedback.

Journaling Books

Guiding readers to reflect on thoughts, goals, and emotions, these books foster mindfulness and well-being.

“[The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day]” leads with 8,000+ ratings and strong customer feedback.

Planner Books

Enabling efficient organization of tasks, goals, and habits, these books are favored for managing personal and professional lives.

“[The High Performance Planner]” has garnered 4,000+ ratings and positive customer feedback.


With blank pages awaiting artistic expression, these books empower creativity through drawing, sketching, and painting.

“[Sketch Book: Notebook for Drawing]” stands out with 2,000+ ratings and a solid Amazon rank.


In the dynamic world of online entrepreneurship, KDP low-content books have emerged as a captivating avenue to financial freedom.

As you have explored the strategies outlined in this guide, remember that success is not just about quick gains, but a journey fueled by dedication, innovation, and constant learning.

The realm of possibilities is vast, and with the right mix of creativity, optimization, and promotion, your low-content books can not only capture attention but also establish a lasting presence in the hearts of your readers.

So, go ahead, embrace the challenge, and embark on a path where your passion and profits intertwine.

Your journey as a KDP low-content author has just begun, and the potential for growth in 2023 and beyond is limitless.

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