B2B PPC Agency: How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to generate more leads and sales for your B2B business, you might want to consider hiring a B2B PPC agency.

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a form of online advertising where you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad.

PPC ads can appear on search engines, social media platforms, websites, and more.

However, not all PPC agencies are created equal.

Some specialize in B2B marketing, while others cater to B2C or mixed audiences.

How do you know which one is the best fit for your business goals and budget?

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to choose the best B2B PPC agency for your business, as well as some examples of successful B2B PPC campaigns.

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B2B PPC marketing is a type of digital marketing that targets other businesses or organizations as potential customers.

What is B2B PPC Marketing?

B2B PPC marketing is a type of digital marketing that targets other businesses or organizations as potential customers.

Unlike B2C marketing, which focuses on individual consumers, B2B marketing requires a different approach and strategy.

Here are some of the main characteristics of B2B PPC marketing:

  • Longer and more complex sales cycles: B2B buyers typically have multiple decision-makers, longer research processes, and higher expectations. They need to see the value and return on investment (ROI) of your products or services before they make a purchase.
  • Higher cost per click (CPC) and competition: B2B keywords tend to be more specific, niche, and expensive than B2C keywords. For example, the average CPC for the keyword “b2b ppc agency” is $23.77, while the average CPC for the keyword “ppc agency” is $14.63, according to Google Keyword Planner.
  • More focused and targeted audience: B2B buyers are usually looking for solutions to their specific problems or needs. They are not interested in generic or irrelevant ads. Therefore, B2B PPC campaigns need to have a clear understanding of their target audience, including their firmographics (such as industry, company size, location, etc.), pain points, goals, and motivations.

Why Hire a B2B PPC Agency?

You might be wondering why you should hire a B2B PPC agency instead of doing it yourself or hiring a general PPC agency.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a B2B PPC agency:

  • Expertise and experience: A B2B PPC agency has the knowledge and skills to create and manage effective B2B PPC campaigns. They know how to research and select the best keywords, write compelling ad copy, design engaging landing pages, optimize conversions, track and measure results, and more.
  • Time and money savings: A B2B PPC agency can save you time and money by taking care of the entire PPC process for you. You don’t have to spend hours learning how to do PPC, setting up and running campaigns, analyzing data, and making adjustments. You also don’t have to invest in expensive software or hire additional staff.
  • Better results and ROI: A B2B PPC agency can help you generate more qualified leads and sales for your business. They can optimize your campaigns to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. Also, they can test and improve your campaigns to maximize your performance and ROI.

How to Choose the Best B2B PPC Agency for Your Business

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a B2B PPC agency, how do you choose the best one for your business? Here are some factors to consider when looking for a B2B PPC agency:

  • Portfolio and testimonials: Check out the agency’s previous work and client feedback. Look for examples of B2B PPC campaigns that are relevant to your industry, niche, and goals. See if they have achieved positive results and satisfied customers. You can also ask for references and contact them to get their opinions and experiences.
  • Services and pricing: Find out what services the agency offers and how much they charge. Look for a B2B PPC agency that can provide a full range of PPC services, from strategy to execution to reporting. Compare their pricing and packages with other agencies and see if they fit your budget and expectations. You can also request a customized quote and proposal based on your specific needs and objectives.
  • Communication and collaboration: Ask how the agency communicates and collaborates with their clients. Look for a B2B PPC agency that has a clear and transparent communication process, from initial consultation to regular updates to feedback and reviews. See if they are responsive, friendly, and professional. You can also ask how they handle changes, issues, and emergencies.
  • Culture and values: Get to know the agency’s culture and values. Look for a B2B PPC agency that shares your vision, mission, and values. See if they are passionate, creative, and innovative. You can also ask how they approach B2B PPC marketing and what their philosophy and methodology are.

The Top 5 B2B PPC Agencies

1) Single Grain

Single Grain, a dedicated PPC advertising agency, provides a comprehensive solution covering research, marketing, and optimization.

Proficient in delivering high-ROI PPC campaigns, their specialists produce measurable outcomes for major global corporations.

They master platforms like Microsoft/Bing, Facebook, and Google Ads, alongside supplementary marketing solutions such as social media marketing.

The company tailors a unique PPC marketing strategy for each client, drawing from an in-depth understanding of the client’s brand, industry, and goals.

Single Grain’s innovative and advanced marketing approaches ensure results driven by data and can be combined with various other marketing solutions, including content marketing, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.

Single Grain’s PPC experts employ top-tier strategies to craft your paid ads campaign, which include:

  1. Advanced campaign consulting (including geo-targeting & day-parting)
  2. In-depth keyword discovery
  3. Ad creation and optimization
  4. Regular campaign progress reporting
  5. Thorough analysis of your industry competitors
  6. Landing page and CRO recommendations
  7. ROI measurements and optimization tips

2) Directive

Directive, known for delivering remarkable marketing campaigns to SaaS businesses, has the potential to elevate your business to new heights.

They offer the option to either serve as your exclusive PPC advisor or support your existing team of marketers.

With notable achievements such as a 148% increase in conversions, Directive ensures tangible results from each paid advertising campaign.

Rejecting the concept of generic campaigns, they boast a dedicated team of specialists who engage with your business extensively before initiating any ad expenditure.

Their exceptional dedication to customer experience stands out, as many clients appreciate Directive’s commitment to consistently delivering outstanding results.

  • Specializes In: Paid advertising, SaaS marketing
  • Top Clients: Cisco, Samsung, Varonis
  • Pricing: Custom based on your requirements

3) Semetrical

A distinguished provider of B2B PPC and content marketing solutions, Semetrical excels in collaborating with clients across all stages of their advertising campaigns, spanning research through to reporting.

Employing a data-centric methodology, the company consistently fine-tunes and updates campaigns based on their research findings.

Boasting extensive familiarity with major advertising platforms, Semetrical ensures transparency through regular reports and analytics, offering a comprehensive view of your expenditure.

Their approach to market analytics provides insight into both competitors and potential success pathways.

With supplementary services like SEO and content marketing, Semetrical offers the opportunity to expand your advertising capabilities, potentially doubling your overall results.

  • Specializes In: Paid advertising, SEO, social media
  • Top Clients: Flex offices, JPIMedia, Fish4Jobs
  • Pricing: Customized according to your needs

4) NP Digital

NP Digital stands out as a prominent figure in the PPC marketing sphere for valid reasons.

Established by Neil Patel, this award-winning advertising firm has significantly aided numerous well-established brands in leaving a mark and enhancing their online sales.

The experts within NP Digital’s team cover virtually all facets of your advertising campaigns.

Opting for NP Digital ensures a tailor-made campaign specifically crafted for your business, complete with comprehensive insights and analytics employing their proprietary tools.

The team assists in personal development, ensuring a deep understanding of your audience before campaign creation, while also providing extensive conversion rate optimization.

For those exhilarated by NP Digital’s PPC campaign results, the opportunity exists to advance your strategy by incorporating link-building or content marketing services.

  • Specializes In: Content creation, PPC, social media
  • Top Clients: LinkedIn, Adobe, Facebook
  • Pricing: Tailored according to your needs

5) Soap Media

Soap Media, a PPC agency, adopts a holistic approach to B2B brand marketing.

Before delving into PPC endeavors, the company conducts a comprehensive digital audit, identifying potential issues within your existing marketing campaigns and branding.

Additionally, they extend support in crafting customer personas for those seeking a better grasp of their target audience.

Operating on a research-centric model, Soap Media first gains a profound understanding of your target audience and competitive landscape.

Armed with comprehensive knowledge of your organization, they initiate PPC campaigns across your chosen channels.

Moreover, Soap Media offers a suite of supplementary services, including web design and development, digital marketing services, and digital consultancy.

  • Specializes In: Digital marketing services, customer persona design
  • Top Clients: AA Tyres, Money Supermarket, James & Rose
  • Pricing: Tailored according to your needs

B2B PPC Marketing Examples

To inspire you and give you some ideas, here are some examples of successful B2B PPC marketing campaigns:

  • Slack: Slack is a cloud-based collaboration platform that helps teams communicate and work together. Slack used Google Ads to target keywords related to team collaboration, productivity, and remote work. They also used video ads on YouTube to showcase their features and benefits, as well as customer testimonials and case studies. Slack achieved a 10x increase in leads and a 30% increase in conversions with their B2B PPC campaigns.
  • HubSpot: HubSpot is a software company that provides tools and solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot used LinkedIn Ads to target their ideal buyer personas, such as marketers, salespeople, and business owners. They also used content marketing to offer valuable and educational resources, such as ebooks, webinars, and courses. HubSpot generated over 4,000 leads and a 71% increase in revenue with their B2B PPC campaigns.
  • Shopify: Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create and run an online store. Shopify used Facebook Ads to target potential customers who were interested in starting or growing an online business. They also used video ads to demonstrate how easy and fast it is to set up a Shopify store, as well as customer success stories and tips. Shopify achieved a 3x increase in sign-ups and a 2x increase in conversions with their B2B PPC campaigns.


B2B PPC marketing is a powerful and effective way to reach and convert your business audience.

By hiring a B2B PPC agency, you can save time and money, leverage their expertise and experience, and achieve better results and ROI.

However, you need to choose the best B2B PPC agency for your business, based on their portfolio, services, communication, and culture.

You also need to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in B2B PPC marketing, such as AI, ABM, video, and voice.

By following these tips and examples, you can create and execute successful B2B PPC campaigns that will help you grow your business.


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